At The Coop

At The Coop

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Texas Country Music Singer...or Nigerian Prince?

     It all started out innocently enough. I opened my notifications page on Twitter, and saw that I had a new follower. It was a relatively well-known musician from Texas (henceforth known as XXXXX). I don't immediately "follow back" every time someone follows me, but since my music is more akin to what's going on in Texas than what Music Row peddles as "country music", I have more than a few "follower" and "followee" relationships within the Texas Music scene. His name was plenty familiar, so I decided to "follow" him back, even though I had never really listened to his music.
     I received a private message that said "Hi Kurt, how you doing ? thank you for twitter my page , the support you show on me , I hope you never stop listening too my music....."
     To which I responded "My pleasure, XXXXX. I make a little music myself."
(I try to never miss an opportunity to share my songs with someone who I think might like them.)
     His response was "i love your song and am listening to it right now
Are you in any record label or something"
     "Nope. Independent. Music Row doesn't know what to do with real country music."
     "Well you right about that but do you really wanna work with me Kurt?"

     I let that sit there for almost a week before I replied "Work with you? In what way?"
I was thinking that if he wanted to have me open some shows for him, or write him some songs, I'd be all over that like a duck on a junebug.
     He came right back with "Are you busy"
     "On my way to rehearsal right now."
     "which means you will not be able to chat right now or what do you think?
i really dont have much time thats why i need to tell you now
but if you can give me time when you will be less busy
or maybe send your number to me so i will send you a text that will be better/"
     I sent him my phone number. (You didn't really think I was going to post it here, did you?)
     "Okay I will send you text, when you see it text me back okay"
     He texted "Hello kurt it me XXXXX" (He misspelled his own name, but typos happen.)

     I was busy gigging and working all weekend, and didn't respond right away.
     He sent me another Twitter message "hello kurt are you there"
     I responded yesterday evening "Hey, XXXXX. What's up?"
     "How are you doing today"
     I didn't reply quickly enough, so he came back with "are you still there"
     "I'm doing alright. I was listening to music. Didn't hear the phone."
      what is the name of the music you are listening to?"
     " I was watching a video of one of my recent performances at the Bluebird Cafe."
     "okay thats nice
       did you remember I wonted to tell you something"
     "What is it?"
     "I have been busy with shows and many more, traveling, thank you for all the support and love, I appreciate. I'm looking for for someone I can definitely trust cause i have got some few things I need to do and take care of without my management knowing about it so I need one of my loyal fan to handle this for me."
     "I don't know you from Adam, but this sounds very underhanded, which is not me at all."
       are you trying to say you can't help me?"
     "Not if it involves deceit."
     "I got in touched by the security company where I have my brief case kept for a while which contains some huge amounts of money and some valuable documents that belongs to me
       They are shutting down in couple of days and it has been giving me some problems since I have been busy with my shows and concert i won't have much time to take care of these responsibilities, mostly I do not want my management to know about this, that's why i am looking for a trust worthy person i can talk to and give this project to take care of for me and in return i will give the person 20% of the money and this is 100% legal free."
     "And you're a Nigerian prince, right?"
     "Know am not
       Are you talking about Africa
       Are you saying you don't know my name XXXXX"
     "I don't want anything to do with this."
     "Calm down right
       Am not putting you into trouble or something
       It 100% legal free
       And you will have your own % when everything is done and I will come get it when you have it? That's all"
     "That's right. You're not, because I don't want anything to do with this.
       Please delete my number from your phone."
     Well, we'll see how that goes.
      Maybe I should have taken him up on it...naw!
      I may be crazy, but I'm not a fool.