At The Coop

At The Coop

Monday, January 23, 2017

Send Us Your "Best" Song

     When someone asks for the "best song" off one of my albums, I never know what to give them.
Different people like different songs, and I like all of them, or else they wouldn't be on my album.
    For my appearance on "The Music Row Showcase" the other night on 650AM WSM ("Home Of The Grand Ol' Opry"), they asked me to bring a disc with three songs from my current release, which at this point in time is my three year old CD "One More Night In Nashville". It turns out that they already had the CD, and had three songs in mind, which were mostly different than the three that I had selected.
     I went for three songs with widely different themes and feels to them.
     My picks:
     "Dickel, Strait & Jones"
     "Inside That Box"
     "Better Hearts Than Yours"

     Their picks:
     "(A Man Can't Live On) Beer Alone"
     "Dickel, Strait & Jones"
     "You Done Done It Now"

     We settled on "Dickel, Strait & Jones", "Inside That Box", and "You Done Done It Now", which fall in that order on the CD, thus making it easier for the engineer. We used the intro and part of the first verse of "Better Hearts Than Yours" to come out of the commercial break, but by the time a bunch of talking, commercials, PSAs, and promos were done, and I did a live version of "My Dog Jesus", we only had time for "Dickel, Strait & Jones" in my half hour segment. Good thing it was a song that we all agreed on, although I would have loved to have played a couple more, their choice or mine.
     Have you got a favorite song (or three) on "One More Night In Nashville"?
     I'd love to hear about I can be even more confused.


  1. Replies
    1. Thanks! Three of my favorites as well. ;)

  2. You are amazing! "Inside That Box" is an all time favorite of mine.