At The Coop

At The Coop

Thursday, March 19, 2015

What Other Artists Would You Like To Hear On "Kurt Fortmeyer Radio"?

         I had been ragging on iHeart Radio because I felt like they were using my name to get folks to tune in and pad their bottom line. They were only playing one of my songs...and then playing a bunch of unrelated music...on what was purportedly "Kurt Fortmeyer Radio". I felt like it was an underhanded way of doing business...a classic bait & switch...and yet another example of a corporate giant (Clear Channel) abusing independent artists in order to make a buck.
         I must have rattled somebody's cage, because yesterday I got an email from one of their content managers. He had seen my post on the Just Plain Folks songwriting community's message board, and decided to look into my complaints. He told me that they were only playing one of my songs..."Hard Times (Call For Hard Liquor)"...because that was the only song they had in their database. I don't know where they got it, but he contacted me through my Bandcamp page, which has that song and three other albums on it, which tells me that they have to know that I have more than one song.
        He told me that they'd be happy to include more of my music on the station (since it is supposedly based on my work) and offered to let me send them other albums to be included in their database. Also, to further make my station more representative of my sound, he said he'd love to update and replace the similar artists that currently fill the station. He has asked me to send him a list of 35-40 artists who are better choices as similar artists for "Kurt Fortmeyer Radio", so he can make the necessary changes to better reflect what my fans would want to hear.  I have started working on the list. So far, it looks like this...


     Comments and/or suggestions? Is there anybody you would add? Would any of these artists make you tune out the station? Your input is appreciated.

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