At The Coop

At The Coop

Monday, July 7, 2014

Small World Tour: Day 2

SMALL WORLD TOUR...DAY TWO: Sleeping in an antique double bed with a footboard doesn't really work for someone my size. If I'm by myself, I can sleep diagonally, but travelling with my lovely wife makes it hard to get any sleep in a bed like that. Thursday morning arrived groggily and grumpily.
     After cinnamon buns and coffee, we finally started getting motivated to head out to our old stomping grounds of Fuquay-Varina. The Guardian Angel Thrift Store was waiting. It's a favorite shopping spot for three generations of my family. My plan was to have Nina drop me off at my buddy Walt Wetherington's guitar store, and then come pick me up when she and my mother were done shopping. Walt wasn't open yet, so I ended up perusing the goods at the thrift store...and spending money. I found a great shirt that I ended up wearing the next day while performing at the Festival For The Eno. I also struck gold digging through their racks of used CDs, which they sell for $1.50 a disc. I bought my mother an a cappella Bluegrass Gospel CD called "Heaven's Joy Awaits" by Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver, who are generally accepted as being among the best vocal bands in Bluegrass music. I also bought myself some music..."Greetings From Asbury Park, N.J." by Bruce Springsteen, and a two-disc set called "Gimme Shelter...The Best Of Leon Russell". Score!
     When we finally got out of there, it was early afternoon, and Walt was open. We dropped by, checked out his nice new store, and bought a couple of sets of Elixirs. Then we headed toward the new coffeehouse/Bluegrass and Country Music venue owned by Bluegrass star Lorraine Jordan. I was hoping to catch up with her, give her a couple of my CDs, and book a date to perform there. (She and her band had played at a coffeehouse that my wife and I used to own.) As fate would have it, Hurricane Arthur blew out the power in that part of town a few minutes after we arrived. We headed back to the house to hunker down, try to get some sleep, and prepare for an early (and long) day the next day at the festival. I moved to a bunk bed to try to stretch out a little. Still didn't sleep great.

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  1. Great that you've decided to start blogging Kurt. Enjoyed both posts, and would love to read about your adventures in the coffee house business when you get around to it one day.